About Us

In July 2017, TOKYO53 opened its online doors. The Revolution tees and logo'd up hoodies are generating vibes around the underground. Beanies and Snapbacks from the same campaign are trending hard right now and for good reason. They look dope with pretty much anything!

Based mainly in the UK the small team at TOKYO53 also found most of their inspiration whilst having fun frequenting the US and ASIA. Specifically Tokyo, Osaka, New York and LA.

Unlike most clothing companies who started off with one store at a time, TOKYO53 launched their brand online and quickly became a small success among various street scenes. This positivity has now captured similar attention across the UK, US and Asia and the momentum continues to build at a steady pace.

"Our customers have created our brand. Theres no other way that we see it. The brand is not represented by the type of designs we create but rather through the people who represent us through representing themselves."